Tech Help How To Manage Your Emails Productively

Posted on 02/20/2020 04:24 pm

Communications play a big role in the way we run the world today, which is why email has become an essential tool for us. This, however, becomes counterproductive when you're overrun by too much information and unwanted correspondence. Today, we learn about some simple tips to manage our emails correctly.

Unsubscribe To Emails You Don't Read

It's very tempting to be updated to the latest news in different industries, but when crunch time comes, you wouldn't want to sift through a lot of emails, just to find that file or message you're looking for. This not only gives you efficiency, but it also gives you fewer distractions at work because you only read the emails related to the tasks you have on the day. Unsubscribing to email blasts and subscriptions will give you the peace of mind you need, will help you streamline what your priorities are, and puts your priorities in focus.

Create Lists and Automate Processes

Creating rules and lists for your email may seem time-consuming at first, but this will help you become very efficient in your day-to-day activities. Blacklisting spam emails lessen storage problems for your email while creating rules that will help you organize where to look for certain messages and attachments. Just think of this as a housekeeping chore to help you organize what you need. This way, filing becomes easier since it’s in digital format, and you can pull up that pesky file right away when emergency calls!

Notification Management and Batch Processing

Multitasking is a virtue nowadays, but for people who are constantly doing so, it takes a toll on their focus. To be more aligned with your tasks at hand, we suggest that you turn off all notifications and re- route immediate requests to chat applications instead. This way, you are able to prevent constant distractions from your schedule and you can prioritize your deliverables on hand.

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