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Posted on 02/20/2020 04:23 pm

What does the future look like? Is it like the cyberpunk movies we see that has that unique feel? Or will it be more of the same, just with upgraded technology? According to a South China Morning Post, “Scientists cannot seem to agree on the numbers, but there is a consensus on one thing: the human race is in imminent danger.” This means, there might not be a future anymore for humanity.

It’s a good thing that JWT Intelligence, through their “Future 100” list on how sustainability can happen in the next few years and how we can survive this endangerment to human life. 

Capital Gains

Most big companies may deny it, but the biggest pollutants that we have in air, land, and water are those whose products we frequent in the market. Single-use products such as straws, plastic cups and wares, shampoos, and toothpaste tubes end up being wastes after we use them. Recently, however, brands are becoming more environmentally conscious because people nowadays are demanding ethical practices, innovation to cut expenses, and responsible behavior. As a response, the market has begun shifting to boutiques to respond to this movement to save the planet. Bigger brands are beginning to see value in this, according to JWT, and they are creating services, products., packaging, and new systems that are both eco-friendly and functional.

In their 2018 report, The Innovation Group UK noticed a change towards a revolution in sustainability wherein radical practices are normalized. It starts by regeneration as opposed to the previous mindset of just “doing less harm.” Brands nowadays are restoring ecosystems, which, in turn, rebalance our climate, and build thriving economies that allow the planet and the people to thrive.

Science is also up for sustainable development goals (SGDs) being espoused by the United Nations. During the 2019 National Science and Technology Week (NSTW) spearheaded by the Department of Science and Technology and visited by thousands of local and international participants, the event highlighted the importance of the 17 SDGs such as smarter cities, disaster risk reduction, agriculture, among several others. The exhibit displays and featured technologies during the weeklong celebration showed that the SDGs are attainable with science, technology and innovation (STI). With this new mindset of preserving our earth’s resources, our country will be quite ready for sustainability.

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Companies Showing Green Innovation

The North Face recently released their Cali Wool collection that boasts of a negative carbon impact. According to them, their “Climate Beneficial” wool comes from regenerative agricultural methods that requisite more carbon dioxide than they emit.

Another startup to watch out for is Poseidon, a Malta-based NGO who created a blockchain-based carbon credit trading. This technology allows shoppers to add donations for every purchase, which is directed to environmental projects. As a proof of concept, the company piloted the technology with Ben & Jerry’s Soho. Shoppers were offered to donate a penny, which is matched by the store in order to fund projects in Peru’s forests.

Even the beauty industry is changing with California-based Golden Arrow who utilizes bespoke technology to produce high-end packaging for a zero-waste process. They even managed to use soy ink that reduces the carbon emissions of their printing process!

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With these companies showing that there is more that we can do for sustainability, there’s no excuse for us to refrain from creating innovations to reduce our impact in the planet. As the Native American Chief Seattle said wisely, “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors we borrow it from our children.” Let’s use innovations to make our country more sustainable.

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