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Posted on 02/20/2020 04:21 pm

If you've heard about disruption before, it's similar to the "Fail Fast, Fail Often" ideology.  Despite the fact that this model will give your company the agility it needs, it dampens the spirits of the organization. That's why today, we're going to learn about Flearning, the practice of Testing and Learning, in order to create innovative disruptions that will help you push your company to become better.

When it comes to research, the process is crucial. It entails a lot of testing and failures.Some researches need to undergo test of time(10 years at least)often with repeated fails.  It’s not only science that requires the practice of testing and learning but also in business and professional life.

3 Steps To Flearning

1) Creating A Hypothesis

After you have objectively laid out the challenges in your company, create a hypothesis that can be proved or disproved via operations and process testing. For example, will getting a third party service produce better results for your service or products? Having a clear hypothesis can help you set the foundation for the next step.

Testing facilities give high importance to process testing. The Department of Science and Technology ensures that all facilities are well-maintained and follow strict protocols when it comes to testing. Besides, that is what science is all about, process and precision.

2) Testing

To prove or disprove your hypothesis, you should test it on your current system. If it proves too risky, then you may create a sample group where you can draw feedback from. In the context of the previous example, check the turnaround times and the quality of service you can provide when subscribing to the service of a third party.An example would be the OneLab project of DOST. It is a Network of laboratories anchored on an IT Platform to provide a referral system for testing and calibration services at a single touch point.  It aims to provide customers with convenient and easy access to laboratory testing and calibration services.

Visit OneLab to know more about our testing facilities and centers. For more information, check out https://web.onelab.ph/

3) Prototyping And Revision

Once you have produced results, try testing again using different variables. The focus is on proving what works and what does not. For example, if you find success with the third party services in one aspect of your operation, try it on another service that you offer. The idea is to check if it's sustainable and scalable.

Flearning is an essential tool that will help you fast-track disruption in what you do. Just follow these steps and be as objective as possible when executing and analyzing what suits your company.

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