Chatbots: The Service of the New Age

Posted on 02/24/2020 01:03 pm

In our past articles, we talked about automation as one of the most effective tools to make your company more productive. Today, we talk about one of the most interesting technologies that automation brought us chatbots.

Chatbots are robots created to optimize communication between organizations and the people they want to reach. Let’s check out their benefits and how they change the way we communicate to optimize our lives:

Better response time

Once inputted with proper responses or once you plot out the experience of your customers, Chatbots can easily answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in your field. This is most effective for commerce-based organizations, but this can also play a huge part in disaster response. For example, 911 chat responses are supposed to run 24 hours, but due to budget constraints, less people can be assigned to these shifts, making the volume of calls unbearable in case of different emergencies. By having a chatbot ready, chat messages can be sifted and sorted accordingly, leading people to the right agencies as needed. This also makes it easier for emergency respondents to be noted about the nature of the emergency, its priority, and how fast they need to act to respond to them. 


With Chatbots, you don't need to get that extra manpower to respond to your customers directly. Instead, you can devote your human capital and time to other aspects of your organization. Just like the dial redirection from phones, you can cut out unnecessary work from your staff by preparing the right fields on your social media platform. For example, if you are a government organization, you may already put options on your chat response for easier navigation. Answers to questions such as: “Where is [name of organization] located?”, “How can I apply for a position at [name of organization],” or “How can I contact the departments of [name of organization]?” can greatly cut the time spent for both your organization and the inquirers.

Consistency of Service

Long gone are the 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. work hours once the internet was introduced. Because of the availability of technology, people would always contact you at any time of the day. To keep up with the times, your organization can use native chatbots on Facebook or get a chatbot developer so you can provide service 24/7. This way, your service or communication won’t be cut, especially during the busy seasons. Possible uses for this would be public utility services, government services, and e-commerce.

With the continuous development of chatbots and AI, we can only expect this service to become better and more human-friendly. If you want to be ahead of the curve, start checking out what you can automate through chatbots today! For more thought leadership articles like this, head on today! 

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