A Briefer on Developing Modern Programs

Posted on 02/20/2020 04:22 pm

To learn more about how technology nowadays is advanced, we should learn more about how they are developed and what technological terms are used to describe them. Today, we talk about the heart of development, namely the front-end, middleware, and back-end. After this, you'll be sure to brag to your techie friends that you know what each of these means!.

Front End

This relates to the system's presentation layer, which includes the user interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). This is the software that is visible to the one using that usually looks good and is easy to use.

To illustrate this, we can use a washroom as an example. For us who use this space, this is where the "sink" is. The “sink” allows you to control the water according to your needs without worrying everything else that makes it work.

When it comes to research, this is the final result, i.e. the product or service. This is what the people see as the final output of several trial and errors; result of multiple experiments that enable the “thing” to work. When you use the product or try out the service, for example, this so-called “layer” offers you options to choose according to what you want to do or achieve with the gadget/service. Every now and then, the Department of Science and Technology launches new and upgraded science, technology and innovation (STI) projects. Which are results of tireless attempts to solve a problem, make processes easier or faster and provide new ways of doing things, through Science and Technology.


Middleware is the segment that links the front end and back end of the system. It is often referred to as the glue between the data and the UI; and is often where the logic resides.

With the washroom example, this is referred to as the "pipes" of the operation, wherein it links the input of opening sink to the source of water.

Technology requires adequate details that connect the input to the output. In research, apart from the needed time and effort look to for evidences that support the study, 

Back End

This refers to the system or software’s data tier or persistence layer. Typically this is the database(s) that the software is built on, but which is not directly presented to the user. So once a user requests data, chooses an option, or issues a command through the UI, this is where the data is stored, found by the software, retrieved, and then displayed back to the user. It basically serves up the requested information.

For the washroom metaphor, this is like the water provider. They are the ones that allocate the water to the pipes, so when you input the command of opening the faucet in the sink, the water comes out. These include the systems that make the water coming out of the sink possible. Without this, the whole system would not be possible.

Same with the process in research. There are variables that can be controlled for the experiment to work. It is vital to know and deeply understand the back end not just in system development but also in science and technology because this is where the core activity takes place. 

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