3 Innovations from Last Decade’s Best Technologies

Posted on 02/24/2020 01:04 pm

2020 doesn’t just mark a change this year. It marks the end of another decade in humanity. This means that with another 10 years shaping the knowledge of the world, progress is inevitable. This article is a tribute to the best that humanity has achieved, marking the movements that create a better future for the generations to come.

GE’s (General Electric) 2.5-120 Wind Turbine

Sustainability is a trend that all conscious companies are trying to push for when it comes to creating a better world. One of the most destructive industries when it comes to this, is the power industry whose methods pose the greatest threats to the world. This is the reason why there was a shift that was needed to be done, pushing innovations to generate the power we need while maintaining nature as it is. With every new technology, however, we encounter problems that come with it. One such is the challenge of wind energy wherein when there’s no wind, there’s no power. To solve this, GE put a battery in a turbine to retain excess electricity when there’s surplus so it can be used when there’s no breeze. One of the installations of this project spans the flatlands of Oregon and Texas where tens of thousands of homes are benefitting from the technology. Possible applications for this are in third-world countries where power is scarce and expensive. With this green innovation, the world can now have an alternative source of energy without destroying the environment.

Novartis’ Kymriah (CAR T Immunotherapy)

If you’re familiar with the current methods for curing cancer, you know that much of it is based off chemicals in a process called chemotherapy. Other methods include radiation and surgery, which are mostly invasive and provide danger to those receiving treatment. Kyrmiah changes all that. As the first regimen approved by the US FDA, this human gene editing treatment strengthens white blood cells to locate and attack cancerous ones. In short, it uses a patient’s immune system to fight against cancer. The best part is it only takes one treatment to make it work! Note, however, that this was only developed for “A.L.L.” Leukemia treatment, this breakthrough can one day treat other types of cancers as well.

Impossible Foods’ Impossible Burger 2.0

With talks of food becoming less secure because of climate change, the Impossible Burger is a welcome innovation that can reduce humanity’s meat consumption significantly. This amazing innovation utilizes the heme molecule which contains iron and mixes them with plant-based oils and proteins to create a fatty, gluten-free “meat.” To prove how good it is, fast-food giant Burger King, Cheesecake Factory, and White Castle has added this game-changing beef in their menus. With this cruelty-free and low ecological footprint food alternative, we can save future generations from hunger once it becomes more affordable and democratized.

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